Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The War on Drugs is Fucking Retarded.

If you think the 'war on drugs' is a good idea, then you're fucking retarded. Or you could be corrupt; pretending that the war on drugs is a good idea for financial or political gain.

What is suspiciously absent from the short video news story above is how having a bag of shit in your pants is considered reasonable justification for such an unreasonably rigorous law enforcement encounter. This is a direct consequence of  the 'War on Drugs'. This retard's bag of shit could have been a bag of some good shit that gets you retarded. Lets hire some retards to beat the shit out of him. And where is the dashboard camera footage of this alleged battle of the minds?

I think the cop was on to something when he made the bold statement: "I'm not a doctor!"

Doctors are what we need to solve heath problems, not police. Substance abuse is a health problem, not a crime. We don't send alcoholics to jail or arrest people for nicotine possession. We should be sending junkies to doctors. And just like booze, cigarettes or prescription pills, responsible adult consumers will be sent to regulated and taxed businesses, operating violence free with the benefit of contracts, property rights, and the rule of law.