Saturday, February 26, 2011

No More Secrets: Wiki-leaks, 'Anonymous' & other current events predicted in 1992.

With an ensemble cast that includes James Earl Jones, Robert Redford, River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier, these four short clips from the 1992 film Sneakers predict the recent events of the information wars.

Lets start with some internet hacking: Wikileaks discovers the power of the internet, which some think is just a series of tubes. The Federal Reserve, power grids, and critical government infrastructure become vulnerable. Did I just see a 9/11 reference from 1992? The conspiracy nuts are going to go crazy, if they haven't already.

Jump to an accurate prediction of the 'Anonymous' costume. The non-violent face of Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) stands in for the Guy Fawkes mask. 'Anonymous' tempts the worlds good hackers to join the global revolution: "Banks, Small countries.....the whole damn system". Are we seeing pattern? Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, Tunisia, Egypt, the whole damn system?

The theory that the modern world is controlled not by armies, but by information is too obvious to be a legitimately unique topic for social commentary, but it surely has been relevent during the recent events of Mediterranean uprisings. Another accurate prediction: that Anonymous started as a prank.

And to bring it home, a prediction of strong African Americans, like Barrack Obama (James Earl Jones) achieving the highest positions of power within the US Government
Leave it to a Brotha' to tell it like it is.

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