Monday, April 11, 2011

Debunking the Authoritarian's response to legalizing drugs

"The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others" - Thomas Jefferson

Legalizing consensual behavior of adults is not equivilent to legalizing murder or rape or theft. Rape and murder and theft have unwilling victims. Violence violates the integrity of another person's body against their will. Theft deprives someone of their property without compensation and without due process.

I would like to know how a person smoking a Marlboro, or drinking a Coors light in thier living room violates your body, or how it deprives you of your property?

I would like to know how a how you defend the actions of government: using money from your paycheck (taxes) so that a narcotics swat team (union thug) can shoot unarmed people (violence) and take medicine from sick patients at gunpoint (theft).

I would like to know how it is good for the national deficit/debt problems to spend 50k per year keeping an otherwise productive citizen in jail at the taxpayers expense.

No one wants drugs legalized for children. Children have developing minds, developing bodies, and are not old enough to consent. No one wants to legalize drunk driving or drugged driving. This presents a bona-fide public safety hazard, as does SOBER driving. That is why we wear seatbelt and have airbags and speed limits and traffic laws. Cars, like drugs, can be dangerous. Also, no one wants the government to subsidize marijuana. We want it taxed so the "dopers" and the "druggies" can pay tax on their recreation, rather than Americans paying more taxes on their industrious labor via the income tax.

And lets get the numbers right. The US spent 1 trillion dollars, or one million-million dollars since 1970 to fight the war on drugs. Over 1.5 million arrests every year, and its the drug dealers and cartels and wall street money launderers that are laughing all the way to the bank, literary. Wachovia (now wells fargo) was recently caught laundering almost 500 billion in drug money (500,000,000,000) for criminals that don't pay txes. Imagine how much they got away with!

I DARE you to defend prohibition of drugs. Authoritarians only bash legalization, they never defend their own position.

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